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Kurbisfest The Perfect Festival for Halloween and Pumpkin Lovers

We made a brief excursion to Ludwigsburg to enjoy the PUMPKIN FESTIVAL. This is THE festival for those who really, really, really love pumpkins!

There are lots of pumpkin patches and smaller pumpkin festivals happening around Germany, but this one is the most well-known.

You do have to buy tickets, which you can do online or in person. Dogs are allowed, too! (I'm always looking for dog-friendly events for our Gracie).

Pumpkin Soup & Spatzle!

We were super excited to try the pumpkin soup, as we had heard great things. It didn't disappoint. My favorite was the pumpkin spätzle. Mmm yum.

It was really fun to see all the different pumpkin inspired dishes and products that they had available. Basically if you can imagine it, then they had it (pestos, marmalades, soaps, teas, mustards, beers/wines, etc.).

Pumpkin Churros

On different weekends they have events going on as well, so you'll want to time your visit based on which events you want to see. There are giant pumpkin weigh offs, carving contests, even racing giant gourd boats across the water!

We even enjoyed an animated storyteller prancing around in a make-shift hay bale storytelling circle (too bad we didn't speak German! I would have loved to sit and listen to the stories. I bet they were a lot of fun to hear!)

The weekend we went they still had some of the carved pumpkins up for display and were exhibiting a pumpkin showcase with pumpkins from around the world.

Pretty diverse group of squashes I must say.

Never knew someone would even want to collect pumpkins from around the world... but hey, to each his own, I guess.

I loved the fun little stories that were made with the pumpkins.

We saw pumpkins storming the castle, riding in hot air balloons, and even one dastardly pumpkin tagging the side of a building!

There were also all these intricate, super random statues made out of pumpkins. We saw a frog, pikachu, medusa, a dragon, a troll, a wolf, letters spelling fantasy, Gulliver's travels, and a few more. (oh wait, I just realized this year's theme was the fantastic world of fairytales... now the seemingly random statues make a lot more sense. They were all fairytale creatures)

We also had fun trapzing through Rapunzel's castle and seeing her let down her hair. (can you spot her ponytail in the pictures below?)

There are also some beautiful gardens to walk through. (Surprising for Fall weather)

And of course there were lots, and lots, and lots of pumpkins to enjoy.

We snagged a couple little ones but not nearly as many as our pumpkin-loving friends ;)

Now... do we want to go back in November for all the smashing?

(yes, they even have events to come smash pumpkins!)

Also, fun little fact, our friend informed us the little houses you see around the pond are heated houses for the ducks. Germans really love their animals.

There is a merry-go-round in the gazebo for kids to ride.

Kurbisfest 2019 details

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