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We Are Kari & Ryan—the Spunky Travelers

We’re on a mission to have fun and live large. 

Based in Germany, we share an expat perspective on living in and traveling Europe.


We are weekend adventurers with bold dreams of snagging every chance we get to explore this beautiful planet. We share all of our lessons learned, favorite itineraries, and silly stories with our readers.

Want to Work With Spunky Travelers?

You can never go wrong by investing in people. If you’re looking to build a more human, relatable brand—then you’ve come to the right place. Spunky Travelers offers an authentic voice on travel to expats, couples, first-time travelers, hikers, backpackers, and dog-lovers. 

How Can We Join Forces?

Contests and Giveaways - Marketing has become the arsenal of the influencer. More and more people are turning to real people to find brands they trust. Start-ups and small businesses can successfully promote themselves to the every-day excursionist with contests or giveaways. We’d love to work with you to reach the travel community and introduce them to your product or business.  

Custom Artwork - We sell travel-inspired artwork in our shop and we’re always creating. Don’t see exactly what you’re looking for? Kari would be happy to design or create artwork for your café, blog, special project, or to hang in your living room. Looking for a custom gift? We’ve got you covered. 

Sponsored Blog Posts - Have an incredible destination, first-rate piece of gear, or adventurous experience you’d like to promote? We would love to try out your place or product to give our readers with a fun-filled experience with your brand.

Planning a Trip - We can help you plan trips to domestic or international destinations, tours, accommodation, and transport. Contact us for a quote. 


*Disclaimer: We pride ourselves in authenticity and honesty with our readers.

We only promote products, brands, or experiences that will bring joy to us and our readers. 


Here in Germany they have a saying, “Die katze im sack kaufen.”

It roughly translates to be, “You wouldn’t buy a cat in a sack.

In other words, know what you’re getting yourself into or try before you buy. We test everything we review and give full disclosure to our readers.

What Do We Write About?

  • European Destinations: We share our tips and tricks for affordably traveling Europe and having fun. We value memorable experiences over luxury. We pride ourselves in capturing moments of joy, sharing memories, and giving valuable travel advice.

  • Beginner Tips: Whether it’s a first-time backpacker or a first-time traveler to Europe, we’ve been in those shoes. We know how uncomfortable they can be. We’ve felt the fear and the excitement all bundled up into one extremely overwhelming stomachache. We teach how to break-in the shoes and soothe the tummy-aches for little less painful travel. ​

  • Hiking, Backpacking, & Camping: Okay, so in Europe it’s a little more like “glamping"…but we’re always trying to find wild-camping opportunities. (Wild-camping is illegal in many European countries.) We’re also willfully admitted gear-snobs. We just love an incredible product that makes exploring the outdoors easier! We love to share outdoor adventures lead to fun destinations or experiences.

    • Hiking Germany: Because we’re a Germany-based travel couple, and we have a Border Collie, we hit up a local trail almost every weekend. We love to share our finds with the expat community and inspire others to #hikegermany and #getoutdoors.

  • Traveling With a Dog: There’s a lot to learn about traveling with your pooch, but it is one of the best ways to travel! Yes, our dog wears a seatbelt. Yes, she has her own sleeping bag and life jacket. No, she doesn’t get to sleep in the tent…unless Ryan isn’t looking. 

  • Travel Health and Mental Health: We both have backgrounds in Mental Health. Ryan is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Kari has experience in Human Resources—which comes with its own world of Mental Health. We write about managing travel anxiety, dealing with disappointment, and managing the ups and downs associated with travel lifestyles. 

  • Couple’s Travel: I think there’s some saying like, “The couple that misses trains together, road trips and gets flat tires in foreign countries without killing each other, and argues about who said they were going to grab the dog’s harness but didn’t and are now violating every leash law…stays together,” right? At least, the saying is something like that. We travel together to almost every destination found in our blog. And hey, we’re still alive and in love.

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